BHS Surgical Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. To be able to manage patients with surgical presentations on the ward and referred by the Emergency Department.
  2. Understand the management requirements for post-operative patients.


Download the BHS Surgical Workbook

The workbook covers the following topics:

1.    Abdominal Pain
2.    Pyrexia – Post op
3.    Appendicitis
4.    Ischaemia
5.    Anticoagulation
6.    Hypotension
7.    Diabetes
8.    Bowel Obstruction
9.    Hypovolaemia

The learner should complete the self-directed workbook to enhance their own understanding of their learning needs.  Every section does not need to be completed. Use it to reinforce areas where your knowledge is strong, or to identify areas that need some work. In many cases this will mean on the job learning, rather than finding information in books.

We suggest completing this workbook in preparation your surgical term.