BHS: PMCV Accreditated 2014

BHS picLast year Ballarat Health Services was accreditated from the PMCV. This process was very important for the organisation and also for individuals .There were requirements that needed to be met for the AMC Australian Medical Council and the MBA Medical board of Australia, which were essential for Doctors in Training to obtain general medical registration.


In 2014 BHS appointed Dr Jaycen Cruickshank as the Director of Clinical Training. This role is two days per week,

One of the big changes was is the implementation of the nationally mandated new Intern assessment forms. They require the intern to complete the self-assessment and the supervisor to assess and discuss each item. The new forms can be found here.
As you can imagine the accreditation document is fairly lengthy but the main headings are outlined below, with antyping example or key point for each.

  1. The context in which prevocational medical training is delivered. Term supervisors are appointed for each term/rotation and are known to interns/PGY2
  2. Organisational purpose. Medical education and training should feature in health service vision and/or strategic plan
  3. The intern/PGY2 training program . All intern and PGY2 posts have term descriptions that align with new AMC INTERN OUTCOME STATEMENTS
  4. The training program - teaching and learning. Term descriptions include unit rosters, and education activities
  5. Assessment of learning. We need to ensure all doctors and supervisors are aware of the feedback and assessment processes. The health service has procedures to support junior doctors, including a review process/group for Junior doctor in difficulty
  6. Monitoring and evaluation. The hospital seeks feedback from Junior doctors. The hospital actively engages with supervisors and senior medical staff by seeking input and feedback
  7. Implementing the education and training framework - Junior doctors. The hospital supports Junior doctor welfare and career progression and training.
  8. Implementing the training framework - delivery of educational resources. Senior medical staff and Registrars are provided training and support as needed for their role as supervisors
    For each unit the main areas we need to focus on are:
    •    Orientation / Rovers (rolling handovers maintained by the JMOs) etc
    •    Clinical supervision, including supervisor training
    •    Education materials and sessions
    •    Feedback/appraisals
    •    JMO welfare