Sprained Ankle - 2

Important:The Ottowa Ankle Rules can save time, money and radiation - learn them.   

Which ligaments are most affected by sprains?

The most commonly injured ligaments are the fibulo-talar and fibulo-calcaneal ligaments, shown here in red.   



Avulsion injuries

The ligaments themselves may rupture, or may also pull small flakes of bone off the foot bones - small avulsion fractures. These may occur at either end of the ligament, and are usually off the lateral malleolus, talus, calcaneum or navicular bones.

While these may not need any operative treatment, it may be important for the patient to know that they have a fracture, as they will adjust their expectations of healing appropriately. This is particularly important in people who play a lot of sport.  

Fractures of the foot

In addition to fractures of the ankle, fractures of the foot may occur.
Most commonly this is a result of the peroneus brevis tendon, which normally everts the foot.
This attaches to the base of the fifth metatarsal, and avulsion fractures may occur. [The peroneus longus loops under the foot, and is not commonly injured in this situation].