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1 48 year old female with generalised muscle weakness.  She has chronic renal  failure...ECGHyperkalaemia
2 Patient presents with a eposide of chest pain...ECGRBBB + anterior hemiblock
3 Patient presented for an eposide of chest pain which is assumed cardiac in nature...ECGWellens Syndrome
4 You are covering medical patients on an extremly busy evening. A nure hands you an ECG...ECGHypokalemia
5 29 year old male with sudden onset R sided chest pain...XRPneumothroax
6 Patient had syncopal episodes and is now feeling back to normal...ECGTrifascuicular block
7 A nusre shows you two CXR from patients admitted from the Emergency Department...XRLLL collapse, R LL pneumonia
8 You have been paged by the nurse looking after one of your patients with pneumonia... Med chartAnaphylaxis 
9 A man in his late 70s arrives by ambulance intubated and ventilated after being found unresponsive...CTOrgan donation
10 The nurse pages you re a patient complaining of knee plan XR Fractured tibial plateau
11 Mr Jones,  is being admitted with a urinary tract infection... Falls Falls management
12 A 62 year old man presents with intermittent chest tightness... CXR Multifocal plumonary nodules
 13 Young  women with sever vomiting... VBG&ECG Metabolic alkalosis & hypokalaemia
 14 A young woman with asthma ABG Respiratory Acidosis
 15 An older man with rheumatoid arthritis... ABG Metabolic Acidosis
 16 This man fell over last night onto his hand... XR # distal Radius & dealing with complaints
 17 30 yo diabetic patient with history of pancreatitis... Pathology DKA
 18 A young man fell backwards onto his outstretched hand XR Perilunate Dislocation
 19 A patient struck by an oncoming car... XR Tibial plateau fracture
 20 A 28 yo man presented to the ED with a headache... Pathology Meningitis vs Pneumonia