Division of Medicine - ROVER



Ballarat Health Services publishes the contained ROVERs under an access sercure section for use amoungst BHS JMOs only.  The information provided is a collation of information and advice by other JMOs working in the Hospital.  ROVERs are not clinical medical advice.  Ballarat Health Service recommends all staff abide by all Hospital policies and procedures. Please note not all information os current and is subject to change at a regular basis.

What is a ROVER (ROlling HandoVER)?

  • It is an orientation document that complements existing rotation guides
  • It is written by junior doctors and updates while on rotation, it is therefore up to date and relevant.

Please fill in a ROVER when you finish your rotation.

  • Here is a template for ROVER

Units with current rovers: 

  • General Medicine A
  • General Medicine B
  • General Medicine C
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Sub-acute-Geriatrics
  • Sub Acute-Rehabilitation