Hi everyone

In my DCT role I am working with junior medical staff in all areas re: education and supervision. I am also very much enjoying working for the new Director of Emergency Medicine, Dr Andrew Crellin.  It is a good time to publicly offer my congratulations on his appointment.

Things are going reasonably well, and we just passed PMCV accreditation. There was particularly positive feedback overall for the hospital (especially compared to the last survey). I was really pleased to see the outstanding feedback for the ED training program, including supervision, and also the online resources developed over the last 2-3 years. It is a great achievement and a solid platform for the future.

One of the things that strikes me is that with the NSQHS accreditation due in February 2015, there are some extra requirements for training and competencies for medical staff.
In trying to inspire and motivate the junior medical staff to embrace the challenge of ticking all the boxes required for clinical competence, I think one of the keys is leadership.
There are many books written on leadership, and they will all mention the power of positive role models.

So, as the DCT and SIT I have embraced the challenge of undertaking all the requirements of both junior and senior medical staff.

I’ve had my staff health check and immunisations are now up to date.

• Fire and safety – up to date
• BLS/ALS – up to date
• APLS  - up to date, need to repeat in late 2014.

Medication safety 


I am hoping that we can get the ED physicians and ED registrars to be positive senior role models for the junior staff, so can I ask you to consider completing the requirements and promoting them to other staff. I found them a worthwhile education exercise, and having completed them believe I have reduced my risk of errors and possible complications.

The registrars have started on a few of these tasks in the ED training, thanks for your participation.

Jaycen Cruickshank