Job Security - Caring for your future

JMO employment is now a very competitive environment. To give yourself the best chance at secure employment follow these tips.  Remember senior medical staff are a great resource for information and advice.

1. Choosing a career and getting advice 

  • AMA Careers Advisory Service - The AMA has developed a Careers Advisory Service website. This site provides for information and assistance on piecing together the puzzle of your medical career path from leaving university through to career change opportunities.
  • Health Education and Training Institute – JMO Forum
    The NSW JMO forum has many useful resources available for JMOs, two of which may be of interest to you is “The Doctor’s Compass” which guides new interns into starting in the hospital environment and “The Doctor’s GPS” which provides summarised information about each specialty training program, be aware that some of the information may be out of date and you should check the college websites for most up to date information.
  • Australian College websites are a great place to start looking for career information.  There is a comprehensive college list on The Drs Reference site.

2. Applications for Jobs: Be Authentic - Be Real - Create Impact  

There are a number of sites that will provide you with information and advice on how to best prepare your CV and tips for interviews.