The PGY2 Skills and Procedures

Content is under develpoment

Simulated learning/opportunities to practice procedures would be particularly appropriate to this domain

Examination and procedures:
• Ophthalmologic examination,
• Cervical spine assessment & stabilisation,
• Joint aspiration
• Sick child including IV access
• Advanced x-ray/ECG interpretation/basic CT interpretation
• Preparation & administration of IV medications & fluids
• Principles of arterial line and central line insertion
• Lumbar puncture
• Principles of ICC insertion

Resources are being collated and will become increasing avaliable. We encourage you to view the current suggested resources.

Topic Resource
Eye examination Video 1 (5 mins) - Video 2 (25 minutes but very  good).
free online book and corresponding video lectures
Cervical spine assessment & stabilisation Material to come
Joint aspiration Pre reading to come
Sick child including IV access  
ECG Interpretation
Advanced x-ray
Basic CT interpretation
BHS ECG library
BHS radiology library
App: Radiology 2.0. Download this app @$10 great value.
Preparation & administration of IV medications and fluids Material to come
Principles of arterial line and CVC insertion Pre reading to come
Central line video
ED ICC Tutorial
Arterial line video - NEJM
Lumbar Puncture ED LP Tutorial
Pre reading to come
Video -2 mins
Principle of ICC insertion Pre reading to come
DoH Learning Package
Video of ICC

A number of videos are available at life in the fast lane website

HMO Skills and Procedure Resources 

Note: We have publised this while it is incomplete to assist with feedback and development.  All feedback welcome.