The PGY2 as a Developing Professional

Content under development

Professional Behaviour
• Developing Leadership skills – preparing for the role of Registrar
• Recognition of impaired colleague - Vicotrian Doctors Health line  
• Ethical practice/Professional standards

Teaching, Learning & Supervision
• Reflection on clinical practice
• Teaching
• Delegation of tasks & supervision
• Assessment & Feedback

Suggested resources

All interns and HMOs are encouraged to reflect on cases and to provide de-identified case studies, and ECGs/CXRs for the website.
All doctors will give and receive feedback over their careers. We will promote several tools, for example a tool “The rules of constructive criticism” developed locally, and also provide several external resources and articles for reflection

Professional Practice


Empathy and Person Centred Care (standard 2)

Person centred care training is mandatory for all staff under the national standards.  We encourage you to view the following videos;