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teamwork training during Sea Trials The role of supervisors in creating a positive workplace

An article that may provoke some debate and curiosity about how senior staff can create a positive workplace is available here.



crit Constructive criticism  - how to?

The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome. In collaborative work, this kind of criticism is a valuable tool in raising and maintaining performance standards. Click here for the rules of constructive criticism


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PMCV accreditated in 2014 

Ballarat Health Services has been accreditated by the PMCV. This process was very important for the organisation and also for individuals .There were requirements that needed to be met for the AMC and the MBA, and are essential for Doctors in Training to obtain general medical registration.   Read more......


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ECG Database

There is an ECG database avaliable to use for teaching.  Please feel free to use these ECGs for any training you are conducting. Contributions to the library are welcome.



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Case in the Spotlight Database

There is a Case in the Spotlight database avaliable to use for teaching.  These comprise of a mix of ECGs, XRs and more and are free to use for any training.  Contributions to the library are welcome. 

Supervision Guides

The Superguide - a guide to supervising doctors.

The Medical Superguide is focused on providing practical advice to improve the effectiveness and educational value of clinical supervision. We hope this handbook will be useful for medical staff who supervise Junior Medical Officers and trainees as well as enhance clinical supervision of undergraduate students and peers in a range of settings, including general practice.

This version of the Superguide is  interactive.  Look at page two to find out how to make the most of the features. Open

Prevocational Term (rotation) Supervisor - Position Description

Term Supervisors have responsibilites in five areas: Administration; Orientation; Education; Supervision; Performance Assessment; Support & Evaluation. More details ...