BHS Emergency Department Hand Hygiene Quiz

Healthcare associated infections are the most common complication affecting patients in hospital each year.  The national standards set by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (Standard 3) aims to improve compliance and implementation of appropriate measure across the organisation to reduce risk to patients.

Quarterly audits are conducted throughout the hospital to assess the health workers compliance with hand hygiene. A pass rate of 70% of compliance has been set by the Department of Health (DH).

Hand Hygiene Australia (HHA) has provided a standard audit process.  Compliance is described in "Moments" as;

  • Moment 1: Hands must be cleaned before contact with patient and their immediate surroundings.
  • Moment 2: Hands must be cleaned immediately before any procedure and aseptic task.
  • Moment 3: Hands must be cleaned immediately after a procedure or body fluid exposure risk.
  • Moment 4: hands must be cleaned after contact with the patient and their immediate surroundings
  • Moment 5: Hand must be cleaned after contact with objects in the patient's immediate surroundings, including bed charts, even when there is no direct patient contact.



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