Major trauma

Learning objectives

  • To be familiar with BHS protocols for trauma including trauma teams
  • Management of  suspected cervical spine injuries
  • To understand the Victorian State Trauma System and how role of Ballarat Health Services in that system.

Recommended pre reading

  • Hughes T & Cruickshank J. Adult Emergency Medicine at a Glance. Chichester, West Sussex, UK : John Wiley & Sons, 2011. Chapter 8 Trauma; primary survey. Chapter 9  Trauma; secondary survey. Chapter 10 Major head and neck injury. Chapter 11 Minor head & neck injury
  • Pre-lecture Quiz (to be comepeted prior to the lecture): Download here or complete online


Learning Resources - presentations and self directed tutorial 

Other learning resources

trauma 2

A recent lecture at BHS discussed the collision forces between two cars each travelling at 50km/hr compared to one car at 100km/hr and an immovable object. Here is the mythbusters experiment to shed some light on the matter ...  (thanks to Michal for tracking this down) 

From life in the fast lane ... "This teaching video shows the stages of initial trauma assessment in an OSCE style format. The video is useful for demonstrating a traditional, comprehensive systematic approach. Note that in reality, many of the steps will occur simultaneously and be performed by multiple different team members. Some of the examinations performed (such as chest percussion) are not particularly useful are are rarely performed in practice."

The video has been created by the University of Oxford.