Above and Beyond the Call of Duty at BHS



A number of staff raise legitimate concerns about various things that happen within Ballarat Health Services and affect the culture of the workplace. This project does not attempt to undermine legitimate concerns that are raised, nor does it attempt to solve every problem.

The first key element of this project is to implement a process called rounding, based on some of the work published by Studer. It is interesting to see that this group aims to introduce concepts used in hospitals, and transfer them into business. 

We are committed to implementing changes that reflect our values and looks at the culture and teamwork in our workplace. For this we use the tried and true acronym ABCD.

From Studer

  • Employees want a manager who values and cares for them
  • Employees want systems that work and tools and equipment to do the job
  • Employees want opportunities for professional development
  • Employees want to be recognised and rewarded for doing a good job
  • Employees don't want to work with low performers

Creating a Positive Culture

At BHS we aim to create and reinforce a culture based on our values and based on recognition of excellent performance. We want to ensure people know we notice positive behaviour and that more importantly our peers notice. This can be incorporated into a system of positive feedback.

How will it work?

It is well recognised that most people respond well to positive feedback and that this is more effective than negative feedback. So, we are inviting our staff to implement a system of regular positive feedback for their peers. When you notice something Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, regardless of their position within the health service, take note. Make a note. Acknowledge the person directly if you like, and take the time as often as you can to send a note to let us know.

 Email us: abcd_reply@bhs.org.au

Or send your emails to Jaycen and/or Craig



Or your Manager / Supervisor / Clinical Director directly

 Print a reply form and drop it in the department letterbox or send through internal mail: ABCD reply form

  • You can choose to keep your feedback anonymous but please include details of relevant workplace.  
  • We will notify the recipient and thank them for going above and beyond the call.  

Measuring Success

We are hoping that we can acknowledge both the people who notice the positives, and the people who are noticed. We will monitor and measure the feedback we are receiving and document the amount and nature of the feedback.

We really believe that happy valued staff with a positive attitude that feel cared for at work will look after patients in the same way.

We have started a conversation about this in recent weeks and we are off to a good start

  • If we can demonstrate an outcome over 1 month we have demonstrated that this approach can work.
  • If we can demonstrate an outcome over 3 months we have demonstrated that we have made a more lasting change.

Past Success

This project was initially rolled out in the BHS Emergency Department with very good reception and staff engagement. One of the ED Registrars came up with a catch phrase the encapsulates the essence of the program;

 Gratitude 3
 We would like to acknowledge the Emergency Department team and their learders, for piloting this project.



Feedback forms



Email link: abcd_reply@bhs.org.au