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1- Who is available to assist with end of life options available for this patient and family? Are there any tools that will assist you?

ICU, Nurse donation Specialist, DonateLife Victoria


This information is available on the BHS education resource website: 

The patient fulfills the GIVE clinical trigger and ICU/ NDS are informed. (Clinical handover 6)Standard 6   Clinical Handover Icon on white JPEG
Patient transferred to ICU- ……….CPP 0317 Organ and Tissue Donation Clinical trigger response.

After some further observation the patient was deemed brain dead, family conversations followed and organ donation was consented to. The patient became a kidney donor.

2- Is this patient eligible to be an organ donor?  What exclusions are there to being an organ donor?

Yes- this patient meets the clinical trigger prompt and needs to be discussed with ICU/NDS

Current exclusions for organ donation are: 

  • Current malignant disease
  • HIV (however refer these patients as there may be a HIV positive potential recipient on the waiting list)

Medical staff are encouraged to contact DonateLife Victoria to discuss medical eligibility

3- How would you know if a patient wishes to be an organ donor?

  • Organ and tissue donation carddonation card
  • Australian Organ Donor Register- DonateLife agency can check this for you 24/7 93470408
  • Advanced care plans
  • Ask the family

advance care plan

Any discussion regarding organ and tissue donation should be conducted by a physician who is comfortable with discussing donation and has sufficient knowledge in the process. Medical staff are encouraged to contact an intensivist or DonateLife Victoria to discuss the eligilibility of the patient and can request an intensivist or appropriate requestor to conduct any conversations with the family in regards to organ donation.

 If you are interested in attending training/education on how to discuss organ donation with a family please contact Jo Forteath 0411 323 006 (Nurse Donation Specialist)


DonateLife online tutorial

Upcoming workshops:

"Organ donation? I can't think about that now..." How would you respond?

"Organ donation? I don't know what he wanted?" How would you respond?