BHS Medical Education Calendar


The following documents are provided for medical staff to ensure that they are aware of the Australian Curriculum framework for junior doctors:
ACF awareness
Background to ACF
ACF form

The ACF form demonstrates a very long list with check boxes. The BHS medical education team has reviewed these and given some consideration to which boxes might be best covered in medical, surgical, emergency and other terms. We would greatly appreciate the feedback of senior medical staff and term supervisors re this, and also the junior medical staff. There are some areas that might be clearly covered in one area e.g informed consent covered in surgery, but also potentially in medicine and ED. Others may be less clear.

The ACF documents and the intern training guidelines do not match perfectly, as is expected of any list or template likely to be produced, however using them is very much preferred as it provides some structure and a framework for learning and supervision for prevocational medical staff.