EMET Regional Training


Welcome to BHS Emergency Medicine Education and Training Regional Program page.


With funding from the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine we are looking to expand our emergency management training in the regions of Stawll and Ararat.  These meetings and session will be open to all Medical, Nursing and Patient care staff in the region. 

We aim to hold regular meeting based in Stawell and Ararat.  We will also be presenting at the Western Vic PNH meeting throughout the year. 

Next Meeting: June 14th 2016


Acute Coronary Syndrome and Cardiac Arrhythmia Management

Time: 6 - 8pm

Location: Stawell Hospital - Education Centre, Sloane St

Contact: Zoe Howell (EMET PSO) 5320 4756 or zoe.howell@bhs.org.au






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During this education series we aim to cover the following topics:


  • Respiratory/Pneumonia


  • Airway Management


  • Paediatric Emergencies


  • Sepsis - Early Recognition and Treatment


  • Chest pain and ECG


  • Abdominal Pain


  • The Distrubed Patient


  • Orthopaedics (inc dislocations)


  • Metabolic Emergencies


  • Toxicology


  • Toxinology