Minor Trauma & Orthopaedics

In these sessions we will use case studies of patients who have presented to the ED including a radiology library. We are seeking help from HMOs to add to this library. Please email the name and UR number to jaycenc@bhs.org.au

Learning objectives

  • A systematic approach to assessment of injuries
  • Interpretation of radiographs in ED/orthopaedics
  • Appropriate referral to fracture clinic using BOSSNET e-form and use of BHS guideline for diagnosis of scaphoid fractures.

Suggested reading

  • Hughes T & Cruickshank J. Adult Emergency Medicine at a Glance. Chichester, West Sussex, UK : John Wiley & Sons, 2011. Chapter 12 Wounds. Chapter 14 Hand injuries. Chapter 15 Wrist and forearm injuries. Chapter 16 Shoulder and elbow injuries. Chapter 17 Back pain, hip and knee injuries. Chapter 18 Tibia, ankle and foot injuries.
  • Pre-Lecutre reading (required): Chapters 12 -18 Adult Emergency Medicine at a Glance and Upper Limb Dislocation 
  • Pre-lecure Quiz (to be completed prior to the lecture): download or complete online

Learning resources, presentations and self directed tutorials

Other learning resources

In the last few years the Emergency Department at Ballarat Health Services conducted several research projects on scaphoid fractures and in particular the role of early CT. We have published literature validating our clinical practise guideline.

Journal articles on scaphoid fractures were conducted in the Emergency Department at Ballarat Health Services. They are available on a website authored by Jaycen Cruickshank - www.scaphoidfracture.com.au