Introduction for Ballarat ED doctors.

Welcome to the Emergency Department (ED).  The contents of the ED HMO Handbook are designed to assist you with your orientation and role clarification to ED.  It is meant as a guide to help get you started and as a reference if you are unsure what to do.  It is not a text book, and does not cover medical management of patients.  Clinical support and guidance will be given by the Emergency Physicians. There is also a handbook for the ED SSU.

The objectives of the orientation program are:

  • To provide information on relevant organisation, administrative, medical, training, staff development, communication processes and staff facilities.
  • To inform staff of their responsibilities regarding standards of service, safety and delivery of care.

Please remember that the ED is the gateway to the hospital and the interface between the community and the hospital.  The reputation of the hospital is often made on the basis of care received in the ED.  All ED staff therefore, have a great responsibility not only to their patients, but also to the hospital as a whole, in the way they present themselves to the public. 

The rest of this website provides education resources for doctors at BHS (and beyond). 

Information for University of Melbourne and Deakin University students can be found here.

National Accreditation Update:

 Information for BHS doctors