BHS ECG database




  Key words

11Atrial Flutter49 year old man with palpatations 
3167 year old man with palpatationsCHADS-VASC2 score, absent p waves, irregular irregular rhythem
9AMI55 year old man with sever chest painTombstone
S2Bi Fiscicular BlockPt presents for an eposide of chest painRBBB, left anterior hemiblock
3Brugada Syndrome38 year old man with episodic chest painnon-ischaemic downsloping ST elevation
2Heart Block75 year old man feeling light headednil association of p waves and QRS
48HyperkalaemiaA nurse hands you this ECG...Wide QRS, tall tented T waves
49The patient in 48. has now deteriorated, with evidence of shock…marked QRS widening
S148 year old female with generalise muscle weaknessK=8.6, no p waves, broad bizzare QRS
S4HypokalaemiaMedical inpatientK=1.6, U waves, prolonged QT or QU intervals
5LAD stenoses43 year old with episodic chest painAbn t wave inversion, biphasic t waves
12Prolonged QT30 year old female with episodes of palpatationsQT interval >500 msec
1STEMI46 year old with chest painST elevation, inferior ST depression
634 year old man with sever chest painST elevation, PR segment depression
745 year old man with sever chest painST elevation
845 year old man with indigestionST elevation, inferior ST depression
32Supraventricular Tachycardic15 year old presents with episodes of breathlessnessRegular tachy, narrow QRS, ST depression
3317 year old female with chest tightness, fever and a sore throatRegular tachy, narrow QRS, ST depression
38Young man with dyspnea on exertionRegular tachy, narrow QRS, ST depression
56Tricyclic antidepressant poisoningYoung man was feeling suicidal and took a bunch of pills (another person's)…Terminal R waves in aVR
S6Trifascular BlockPatient had a syncopal eposide and is now feeling normalRBBB, left axis deviation, 1st degree heart block
25Ventricular Tachycardia49 year old man with chest pain and dyspneaVT broad complex, reg tachy, monomorphic bizarre QRS
2749 year old female with chest pain and dyspneaCapture and fusion beats, wide QRS, regular tachy,
2956 year old man with palpatations and chestBroad complex, regular tachy, capture and fusion beats
30Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome6 year old known WPW presents with sweating and chest painSVT, narrow complex
3934 year old female is being investigate for frequent episodes of syncopeDelta waves, short PR interval
4425 year old female presents after a few weeks of faintingShort PR interval, wide QRS, delta wave, ST-T wave changes